3 Interesting Facts About Alamos Gold

Alamos Gold is a major player in the worldwide gold mining industry. Headquartered
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Alamos Gold is a major player in the worldwide gold mining industry. Headquartered in North America, the firm has major operations and ongoing development projects in Canada (Island Gold and Young-Davidson mines in Northern Ontario, for instance), the United States (such as the Quartz Mountain project), and Mexico (the Mulatos Mine), as well as overseas in Turkey. In fact, some of Alamos’ most exciting strides forward are happening in the Turkish Kirazli project site.

Alamos Gold is an industry leader in production as well as sustainable development. In fact, it’s a household name within the industry, but third-party investors and researchers often fail to capitalize on the importance of Alamos and many other gold mining firms as a result of extensive knowledge gaps when it comes to the mining industry more generally.

Here are three interesting things that you should know about Alamos Gold as you consider investment opportunities for your continuing growth in the market.

1. The Alamos Kirazli project site is positioned to be one of the lowest cost projects in the world.


The Turkish-based development projects really set Alamos apart from the competition. While gold prices fluctuate considerably over time (with a solidly bullish long-term trend over many decades), the current value of a single ounce of gold is just over $1,700 in the current market.

The Kirazli development site estimates a total cost of $373 per ounce of gold extracted from the mine (with an estimated yield of over 100,000 oz. per year). This means that Alamos’ Kirazli project is positioned to be one of the lowest costing mines in the world, while simultaneously netting some of the highest profit margins for ounces of gold in the industry. This translates directly into investor dividend growth, making you wealthier in the process.

2. Alamos provides investors with excellent dividends that keep pushing higher.


The dividend yield of Alamos Gold’s stock has been rising in recent quarters. Up 67 percent in the last two alone, the dividend payout to investors is a direct result of the firm’s continued excellence in the field, and commitment to stakeholders in the boardroom.

The pairing of fantastic dividends with a position of sustained value growth makes Alamos Gold Inc. one of the best options for investors looking for gold development firms on the stock market. Alamos is a diligent outfit that is expanding across numerous geographic areas and in their backend research as well. Such information, when taken together, makes for a publicly-traded company that is on track to exceed expectations long into the future.

3. Alamos operates as a high-quality and sustainable-forward producer.


Not only is Alamos a highly effective gold mining firm, but the company also shares a commitment to sustainable development that seeks to extract this essential element while protecting the environment at the same time. This is an important feature that sets Alamos apart from much of the competition.

In years past, gold, oil, and coal producers, among others, were focused solely on the production of their commodity assets. Extracting the resource was the only aim. This is no longer a sustainable or economically viable means of production – and for very good reason.

Consumers simply won’t tolerate the obliteration of terrestrial space without a plan for recovery and ozone protection processes. The industry has taken notice, and Alamos stands at the forefront of this push for sustainable mineral extraction procedures that protect the environment at all times.

Alamos Gold Inc. is a winner in the portfolios of many retail investors. Building your financial future with the inclusion of one of the world’s most precious commodities is a great way to lock in long-term profits. With a gold mining firm that cares for the environment as well as its investors’ wallets, you get just that.

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