3 Reasons You Need To Go to a Silent Disco

Imagine you’re at a party. The music is loud and sounds great. And
a person wearing blue and yellow headphones

Imagine you’re at a party. The music is loud and sounds great. And then, suddenly, it goes completely silent. Everyone is looking around trying to figure out what’s going on when, without warning, another beat drops in your headphones. It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced, and you can dance however you want because no one can see how silly you look shuffling along with your imaginary partner in front of them. This phenomenon is called a silent disco, and it takes one of our favorite things (dancing) and makes it even better with technology! Plus, silent discos provide some added bonuses like cool lighting effects, glow sticks, and costumed party-goers. This atmospherics help creates a truly unique experience unlike any other. And if that’s not enough to pique your interest, here are three more reasons why every night should be spent at a silent disco.

1. The sound quality is better.

We’ve all been in a club where the music was so loud, you could barely make out the words. And while some people enjoy that, many would rather be able to enjoy the full experience of the music. Most silent discos feature music pumped through high-quality headphones, which means the sound quality is better than in a normal nightclub. If you’re used to listening to your favorite songs in tinny laptop speakers or cheap earbuds, the difference will be a welcome change. By not playing the music at full volume, silent discos also take away one of the biggest complaints about nightclubs: that it’s too loud to have a conversation with anyone. For example, say you’re at a silent disco Los Angeles and decide you want to have a conversation with someone in the room. All you have to do is adjust the volume or take the headphones off for a few moments. But if you want to crank it up louder than the DJ normally would, you’re free to do that, too. In other words, a silent disco allows you to have any experience you want.

2. You won’t lose your voice.

If you’ve ever attended a live concert, chances are you’ve come out of it with a sore throat or woken up with one the next day. That’s because singing along to your favorite songs at concerts is an ingrained cultural pastime. And of course, you have to do it loudly. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to hear yourself. But this activity is extremely hard on your vocal cords. So, if you feel the need to dance but don’t want to exhaust your voice, consider going to a silent disco. The vibe and music will be just as fun, but there won’t be anyone around to hear (or encourage) you to sing along. And let’s face it: Singing karaoke is always better when no one can hear you do it.

3. You can choose your own music.

One of your favorite things about live music is probably getting to decide what song you want to hear. A silent disco lets you do that and even more. At these dance parties, each attendee gets their own headset that pumps in several different channels. So, there can be three DJs playing three different types of music, or they may even have a live band on a channel. This freedom gives guests more control over their experience. It also makes for a lot less arguing with friends and family over what to listen to while you’re hanging out together. When everyone’s headphones are playing a different tune, everyone gets to have their own awesome listening experience, and no one has to compromise.

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