4 Fun Office Outings That Can Boost Team Morale

Whether your employees’ morale is lower than you’d like or you want to
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Whether your employees’ morale is lower than you’d like or you want to improve it even further, you’ll likely start working from the inside. As the employee wellness experts at Wellable outline it, the employee wellness experience features three environments: technology, culture, and physical space. From the tools you use to the amenities your office park offers, plenty of factors go into your employees’ morale and overall sense of wellness. One way to enhance this experience? Incorporate a fun office outing to take employee morale to the next level.

1. Learn something new.


Learning new things comes with a host of benefits, from improved brain function to higher confidence. Just as importantly, learning the basics of specific new skills can be fun! If you’re in a convenient location to do so, consider offering beginner surfing lessons as an opportunity for your team to connect, unwind, and learn the basics of ocean safety and surfing etiquette along the way. Of course, a private surf lesson isn’t the only educational outing you can add to your employee wellness program. Anything from fitness classes to cooking lessons can be a creative chance to learn a new skill. In some cases, that might be a professional development opportunity, directly benefiting employee productivity. Others might be completely unrelated to the office—and that’s okay, too!

2. Give back to your community.


No matter your trade, your business is a part of the local community. Why not use your next employee outing as an opportunity to give back? Consider implementing an employee volunteer program or taking your team to volunteer as a group. Your employees can strengthen their interpersonal connections and reap the mental health benefits of community service while supporting a worthy cause. In many cases, you may even be able to sponsor an event or advertise in a location for some additional benefits—though the benefits of volunteering alone can be more than enough motivation to give this option a try.

3. Scan local events.


Sometimes, you don’t need to put in a ton of effort to plan an office outing. There might already be an event going on that you can use as a convenient employee get-together. Pay attention to community calendars, flyers, and other resources that promote events happening in your area. Be flexible in mandating employee attendance at these events but be sure to tout the benefits of being there, whether that’s a deeper personal connection with colleagues or comped admission. Chances are, people will welcome the opportunity to take advantage of a particular event. Then, once one excursion or a few have gone well, you’ll likely see attendance pick up for future outings. Word is sure to get out that your employee events are enjoyable!

4. Keep it simple.


As you plan an employee outing, it’s all too easy to overlook the simplest options at your disposal, like the tried-and-true workplace happy hour. If your team is the kind that thrives on an after-work drink, you might plan to take advantage of happy hour in that sense, but don’t limit yourself to a nearby bar. From hosting an all-staff potluck to offering alternative options like coffee or tea, the concept of the happy hour can be adapted again and again to fit your workplace’s needs best.

From offering employees the chance to achieve a beginner’s skill level with a surf experience to hosting your team at a local karaoke night, there are plenty of options for a creative office outing that will improve morale and employee wellness. From healthier, happier workers to increased productivity and employee retention, the benefits are almost as plentiful as the event ideas themselves. No matter what sort of event you plan for your team, consider their interests and your ultimate goal—and, most importantly, choose something that lets everyone involved have a whole lot of fun.

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