5 Different Types of Lawyers & Legal Services

The legal field is vast. For any issue wherein a person is harmed
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The legal field is vast. For any issue wherein a person is harmed physically, mentally, or financially, there is likely a specific attorney to aid in the recovery process. There are many different types of lawyers. Regardless of their practice area, they all must be admitted to the bar association in their area of practice.

The bar association administers exams and handles processes associated with awarding attorneys with the proper credentials. Some attorneys may be admitted to the bar association across several regions of the United States, like Attorney Howard Fensterman, a bar association member in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, and the District of Columbia.

1. Criminal Law


Criminal law is the system of laws that govern those who violate the law. This does not, however, encompass minor offenses like running a stop sign. Instead, criminal law is concerned with individuals who behave in an offensive way to the public, state, or society. A few examples of criminal law cases include assault, murder, burglary, or drunk driving. A criminal lawyer represents a defendant that has been accused of breaking the law up to and including their trial. A criminal defense attorney ensures a person’s rights are protected and that they receive fair and just treatment throughout their case.

2. Real Estate Law

Real estate transactions are complicated, and they often involve a large sum of money. There are many essential documents involved in this type of transaction, like purchase agreements and mortgage documents. Without some specialized knowledge in this area of law, it may be a complex process to get through on your own. A real estate attorney helps people prepare and review these documents to ensure due diligence. These types of legal services help protect people from predatory agreements or unfair contracts.

3. Family Law


A family law attorney handles legal issues arising out of familial relationships, such as divorce, adoption, or custody proceedings. However, family law is a broad practice area. Aside from the areas mentioned above of expertise, a family law attorney may also handle legal matters related to foster care and reproductive rights. In some cases, familial legal issues may be complicated and involve more than one practice area.

Suppose a criminal lawyer is handling a case that involves child abuse. The criminal attorney will handle the criminal charges and investigation. In contrast, the family law attorney will be tasked with victim protection and securing a safe environment for those involved. For this reason, it can be beneficial to employ the services of a law firm like Abrams Fensterman that specializes in various areas of the law.

4. Personal Injury Law


Personal injury is one of the most well-known fields of law. A personal injury attorney helps injury victims obtain fair compensation from liable parties or insurance companies to pay medical bills or other expenses incurred due to their injury in a workplace incident or car accident. Personal injury law is not limited to car accidents. Some personal injury firms specialize in dog bites or slip and fall injuries, among others.

5. Estate Planning

An estate planning attorney assists clients in the preparation of assets in anticipation of incapacitation or death. These intricate processes may include tax settlements or bequeathment of assets to heirs. Overall, an estate plan is a comprehensive course of action that consists of both documents that will be effective in your life and those that won’t go into effect until after death.

Large firms may employ lawyers specializing in various practice areas to provide the maximum support to clients in complicated legal situations. For example, Fensterman, Eisman, Greenberg, Formato & Einiger, LLP has attorneys in family law, guardianship law, and other legal matters. Through this method, attorneys like Mr. Fensterman can provide clients with a broad scope of legal knowledge, regardless of the direction their case may take.

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