5 Reasons Why People Move

On your life journey, there are plenty of big moments that signify change
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On your life journey, there are plenty of big moments that signify change and growth. One of those landmarks is moving into a new home. Whether you’re moving to college for the first time, moving out on your own, or moving in with a partner, each location brings special memories and important moments. Where you live dictates a lot about your life—your social scene, your job, your comfort at home, and more. If you’re getting ready for a big move, take care to be sure your new location is perfect for you.

You should also know that you aren’t alone. Every day thousands of individuals are taking that next step and relocating. There are so many reasons people choose to move. Often these have to do with their career, stage of life, or relationship status. Your moving choice may be more common than you think. If you’re curious about why people choose to relocate and change up their life, continue reading to see five of the most common reasons for a move.

1. Buying vs. Renting

A big reason people choose to move is when they decide to invest in a house rather than renting. It is a dream of many to become homeowners. You get to be your own landlord and, as you pay off a mortgage, you increase your liquid assets, so it can be a good financial move. If you’re moving, for this reason, it‘s important to have a good team helping your find the perfect home. An Exclusive Buyer Agent can help you find a great real estate agent for you that is ethical and truly there for your needs. Through evaluations that look out for you as the buyer, an exclusive buyer agent helps you take control of your home buying experience. That way you can focus on making that dream of becoming a homeowner come true, without worrying about whether you got the best price. Use a professional to have peace of mind as you become a homebuyer.

2. Time to Retire

Retiring creates huge lifestyle changes for older individuals. That can mean a change of scenery as well, including moving to a new location. Many retirees fly south for retirement on sunny beaches, and some also have a good idea of becoming RV owners, to travel the world in a new kind of home. Purchasing an RV or a camper and an RV Extended Warranty gives you the ability to travel the country at a leisurely pace and enjoy your retirement in style. Your extended RV warranty means you don’t have to worry about your RV or camper breaking down or needing to repair it on the go. With your service contract, that will be taken care of for you, regardless of the type of RV you invest in. Any type of mechanical breakdown or roadside assistance is covered, so you have that peace of mind as you traverse the country. So, when you’re moving, why not consider a new RV so you can stay on the move with a new life on the road, bringing your home with you?

3. Downgrading or Upgrading

Perhaps one of the most common reasons for moving is the need to downgrade or upgrade. This can be because of financial success or hardship, but it can also be a result of family changes. As your family grows, you’ll need more space. Conversely, as they move away, you may be ready to downsize. No matter how the size of your property changes, be sure you’re insurance policy is staying up to date. Your homeowner’s policy and coverage limit may vary based on the size and age of your home. If you need help researching the best policy and type of coverage for you, consider home insurance compare sites online. These will give you a full picture of what policy will best cover your needs. Home insurance policies vary greatly depending on many factors—what belongings you have, what the lender is offering, and where your new home is located, to name a few. Make sure that you’re getting comprehensive coverage by comparing insurance providers with an online tool like the one that iSelect has to offer.

4. Changing Jobs

It is rare for people to relocate to a new city or state without a job that is taking them there. A change in your career is a huge reason to move, whether it’s a promotion or a lateral move that takes you on a new adventure. It’s also reasonable to relocate within the same city to shorten your commute or bring you closer to your job. Whatever the reason to move to a new city, make sure your homeowner’s insurance is an insurance policy that has the buyer’s best interest at heart. It’s a good idea to look into that as you’re planning to move, to make sure you have the best rate possible ahead of time.

5. Relationship Change

Changes in relationships can also bring about the need for a move. Getting married or divorced often mean the need for a change of location, as can moving in with a partner if you’re relationship is getting serious. So if you’re looking to take that next step either with your partner or away from them, you may be in the market for some new real estate.

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