5 Style Tips for Men in Their 40s

Style is gender-neutral. Men are ready to show up and show out with

Style is gender-neutral. Men are ready to show up and show out with their own particular fashion sense, and we’re welcoming these creative expressions with open arms. If you’re worried about keeping up with style even as you age, don’t fret! Aging is a beautiful process, and just like wine, you’ll get better with time. Here are a few style tips to keep in mind as you grow older.

1. Step up your jewelry game.

A little bling-bling is never too-too much. There’s always been something attractive about a man who wears jewelry (and most importantly, wears it well). Either it’s a single, gold chain or a minimalistic pair of stud earrings, it’s always nice to see accessories on men. These subtle fashion statements are as powerful as men’s’ cologne—and as enticing!

A watch is a perfect accessory to start with when it comes to jazzing up your style. Watches are not only practical, but they’re beautiful as well, especially the selection available at WatchBox. WatchBox is a company that sells pre-owned, luxury watches. As the global leader in this industry, they offer exciting and stunning watches, such as the Patek Philippe collection. Visit WatchBox to find the watch of your dreams.

2. Get yourself some nice suits.

Timeless and classic, a good suit will always suit you very well. As a man in your 40s, it’s likely that you’ll need a suit for several occasions. Weddings, happy hours, conferences, and more—whatever the case may be, you’ll need a good suit to wear on special days. When it comes to creating a suit collection, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Style Preference: Do you want a two or three-piece? Double or single-breasted jacket? Flat-front or pleated trousers?
  • Material: Would you prefer flannel or cashmere for colder months? How about lighter wools or linen for the warmer months? Your suit should be able to adapt to the weather as well (most importantly, for your overall comfort).

To learn more about shopping for appropriate suits, visit FashionBeans for amazing tips.

3. Wear darker colors.

As a man in your 40s, it’s likely that you’ve learned a few lessons throughout your life. You’re full of wisdom, but you only share that privileged information with those who deserve it. It’s a little bit mysterious, and that itself is alluring.

While you’re out shopping for clothes, keep darker colors in mind! Dark colors help you look a bit more mysterious, which in turn can spark a lot of interest from spectators. You don’t have to stick to just black. Dark blues, dark grey, and maroon are good options for a darker color scheme as well. Whenever you’re ready to make a statement that strays from your overall persona, then that would be a good time to experiment with brighter colors.

4. Visit the spa.

Spas aren’t just for the ladies. All genders deserve to be pampered, and they all deserve to feel their best (while looking their best!). The spa offers several benefits, such as increasing circulation through massages, enjoying stress relief through the use of essential oils, and increasing your heart health by visiting the sauna.

Not only are there notable, positive health impacts from attending a spa, but you also get to experience some nice TLC. Face masks, manicures, pedicures, mud baths—all of these treatments are meant to give you a noticeable glow in a relaxing manner. With refreshed and rejuvenated skin, other factors relating to style will fall more easily into your lap!

5. Be a social media model.

Honestly, who’s more stylish than a model? In this digital age, you’re able to become practically anything you want to with a phone, laptop, and strong Internet connection. This includes becoming a model. If you’re hip to social media, you can see the influx of influencers that have taken over brands and companies. This was all done by simply taking nice photos of themselves!

As a model, you’re not only in the industry to learn all about style, but you receive offer and partnerships that makes discovering your own looks a whole lot easier. Modeling is a timeless and classic job, and you can never be too old for representation. If you’re interested in becoming a male model, check out this article on Exploring Vacations.

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