5 Ways to Give Your Home More Personality

Moving into a new home is always an exciting, albeit busy, time. Especially
a living room with a large window

Moving into a new home is always an exciting, albeit busy, time. Especially if this is your first home, there’s a good chance that the buying process was a bit intimidating, and it may not have fully sunk in yet that you’re a homeowner. The best thing you can do to make your home feel more like, well, yours is to infuse it with some personal touches.

Of course, celebrating a new home isn’t the only reason to add a splash of personality to your place. Maybe you’ve grown tired of the current decorations, or you’ve made a significant change in life and want your home to reflect the new you. Whatever your reasons, here are five great ways that homeowners can add a more personal touch to their homes.

1. Change your color scheme.

A fresh coat of paint can make a bigger difference for a room than you might think, especially when you consider the purpose of the room and the power of color psychology. While neutral colors are typically popular as wall colors, this year’s color trends seem to be phasing out gray and moving toward beige and greige (it’s real) for neutral colors. Warmer colors are also starting to become more popular, which is great to go along with the rise of the home office. The color red is as warm as it gets, and it’s thought to help stimulate the mind, so it’s perfect for a room where you need to be mentally active.

2. Hang wall art.

Sometimes, you might have a room with great lighting, tastefully arranged furniture, and a stylish color scheme, but it still feels like something is missing. A few pieces on the wall might be just what you need to tie the room together. Wall art can include photographs, canvas prints, original paintings, or even decorative plates and other creative ideas. It’s especially good for areas that feel empty, like long hallways, which could seem drab and boring without it.

3. Create a hobby display.

Everyone is passionate about something, and expressing your passion through your home is a fantastic way to give it some character. You can keep things simple and go with a traditional hobby display case, which could feature something like a model collection.

If you like to do DIY projects around the house, why not have a room where you show off some of the things you’ve built? If cooking is your passion, then you could try out a creative kitchen display. If you collect the highest-quality chef equipment and utensils, why not display them on the wall?

4. Bring the outdoors in.

You likely already have some large outdoor planters set up with flowers or other plants to boost your curb appeal, but it’s usually a great idea to bring some pots and planters inside, too. Check out Pots Planters and More for containers with industrial-level durability and modern designs that can go with any home look. Outdoor spaces are often lauded for their greenery, so you might choose to make something of an indoor garden room.

Indoor plants also have benefits beyond style. They help clean your indoor air of toxins and produce fresh oxygen, which is important, considering that indoor air is often worse quality than outdoor air. Houseplants are also known to reduce stress and help boost productivity.

5. Redo your lighting.

While you may not think of it often, it’s hard to overstate how much your home’s lighting affects its overall look and mood. Larger light fixtures are making a comeback, so if you’re a fan of that style, you’ll fit right in. While overhead lights are the most important, don’t overlook the benefits of proper task lighting and wall lights. Task lighting is great for your home office, and some well-placed wall lights can be just the thing to show off your new wall art or hobby displays.

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