Alternative Job Options if You’ve Been Injured at Work

There’s nothing fun about getting hurt on the job. There are the pain
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There’s nothing fun about getting hurt on the job. There are the pain and suffering you have to endure, and depending on the severity of the injury, you may not be able to return to work. Of course, that’s assuming you’d even want to if you could. Income protection is a short term solution, but you need to find life—and work—after your injury.


One of the few good things that have resulted from the pandemic is that it’s forced people to have to work from home. Many people who had jobs that were considered non-essential were forced to seek new opportunities to work while social distancing. Even though unemployment rates are high, many people found those opportunities. Continue reading to learn about some ways to make a living from home after being injured at work.

It would be best if you had insurance to sustain you if an injury puts you out of work.

You may have been lucky on the job up until this point. If so, congratulations. But would your family be financially secure if you got injured at work today? And for how long? These aren’t delightful things to ponder, but it’s necessary to have a plan for life’s abundance of issues.

The best way to secure your family’s financial interests in case you get hurt at work is with disability insurance, as it’s known in the United States. In the United Kingdom, it’s called income protection insurance. It’s a type of insurance to supplement your paycheck if you get hurt at work and suffer a short-term disability as a result.

One of the best second careers to get into after an injury is sales.

If you’re a people person and looking for a fresh start in a new career after getting hurt in your old one, then you should consider trying sales. Dog lovers can turn their passion for their fur buddies into a lucrative side hustle or career as a multi-level marketer.

Direct sales pet products are in high demand because people can get pet care products cheaper than at a pet store. One of the best things about being a sales agent with an MLM company is that you get products you already use and love at a discount, and you get paid for spreading the good news about these great products.

You can provide expert customer support from home.

One work-from-home job opportunity that has become surprisingly popular is call center support. Some of the largest brands in the U.S. outsource their customer support to call centers that operate completely virtually, meaning all of their support team members work from home. The call center company will ship you the equipment you need for the job, so you don’t have to worry about buying any or using your own.

Share your expertise with others.

If you have years—or even decades—of experience in one industry, then your experience might be more valuable than you’re aware of. Growing up, you may have been taught that your opinion was only worth two cents, but the consulting industry is worth $250 billion. Surely, that pie is large enough for you to get a slice. One contract with the right company could ensure your family’s financial security for life.

Go back to school.

Even if you have to take a job that isn’t your dream one for the short term, you could also use this transition period to continue your education and enhance your career opportunities. It’s never too late to get started on the career you want.

With online schooling, you can schedule your studies around your life. All that matters is that you learn the material and complete your assignments on time.

Switching careers isn’t easy, but it’s not as hard as it may seem—especially when you have a career counselor helping you through the process. If you’re in career-limbo and don’t know what to do next, working with a career counselor can help you discover the best path for you.

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