Eco-Friendly Containers for Your Start-Up Beauty Business

Starting your own business isn’t easy, especially in the hyper-competitive beauty industry. Creating
a group of glass bottles

Starting your own business isn’t easy, especially in the hyper-competitive beauty industry. Creating high-quality products is essential, but many people don’t think beyond that first step when they’re planning their business. You need to think about the whole process, including how you plan to package and deliver your products. Product packaging can be more complex than it seems, and you’ll have to make decisions about different types of packaging materials. If you value sustainability, read on to learn more about how to use eco-friendly containers for your start-up beauty business.

Where can you find eco-friendly containers for your beauty business?


While it’s easy to find packaging companies that specialize in harmful fossil-fuel plastics, you may be wondering where you can find a source for containers that aren’t as damaging to the environment. One of the best solutions out there is to use the eco-friendly packaging products sold by Earthwise Packaging. As a start-up, you need to make choices that will help show customers what your business is about and what your company cares about. Starting off with a commitment to the environment and corporate responsibility will impress a lot of potential customers.

Switching to plant-based packaging will help your company be part of a better future. They’re a great alternative to traditional fossil fuel plastics, in addition to being 97 percent carbon neutral. The raw material of Earthwise’s containers has allowed them to produce these eco-friendly plastics with a carbon footprint that is near net-zero. Earthwise isn’t just committed to doing the right thing: They’re also passionate about educating others. They even invest in informing their stakeholders, employees, business partners, customers, and the broader community of the importance of waste management.

Why should you use eco-friendly packaging?


There are a number of reasons to switch to eco-friendly packaging. The first, and most obvious, is that it’s the right thing to do to protect our earth. If we want to preserve our lifestyle and the health of the planet we live on, businesses and people have to make better choices in their day-to-day lives that support that goal. Ideally, Earthwise believes that we should seek to develop a circular economy. In a circular economy, the use of the Earth’s resources is minimized, and the creation of new waste or emissions is eliminated. The more progress we make toward this future, the safer our renewable and nonrenewable resources will be.

Customers are also increasingly likely to shop at businesses that they feel share their values. The beauty business is no different. Given that climate change is such a major issue, letting customers know that your business is invested in helping to solve it can make many people more likely to purchase products from your brand. People want to feel like the businesses they patronize care about the things they care about and practicing sustainability is a smart way to do that.

With so much competition in the beauty industry, it’s essential that you make your products stand out and build a brand identity for your company. Start-ups always have a lot of choices to make, and many founders forget that even decisions about packaging say something about their companies’ priorities and values. The most successful beauty businesses put considerable thought into everything about the design and delivery of their products.

Anyone starting a beauty business should look into Earthwise Packaging for the jars, containers, and other packaging products they need. It’s easy to neglect product packaging when making a business plan, but having functional and appealing packaging is a central part of any profitable retail business. Instead of opting for traditional fossil fuel plastic containers, you should consider eco-friendly packaging alternatives for your business venture. Eco-friendly packaging can give your brand an opportunity to show customers you share their values while helping to build a more sustainable future.

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