Everything You’ll Need to Prepare for Your New Dog

If you’re bringing a new fur baby into your family, you need to
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If you’re bringing a new fur baby into your family, you need to be aware from the beginning that a pup is a huge responsibility. Regardless of whether your fur baby is a puppy or a large dog, there are things you’re going to need to do and products you’re going to need to have to prepare your home and your family for the new addition.

It’s important to realize just how much of a responsibility owning a new pet can be and all of the work it involves. Ensure that you do your research, prepare your family ahead of time, and realize that you’re giving this new pup his forever home before you go through with the pet adoption. In this article, you’ll find a few tips to help you prepare for your new pup before the day arrives that you bring him home to live with you and your family, from dog proofing to the harness, leash, strap, and other essentials needed to make your puppy feel at home.

Dog Proof


Since your pup doesn’t have hands, he’ll explore the world with his mouth, which means you need to dog-proof your home carefully before you bring him inside. This means that anything you don’t want to be chewed, licked, or sniffed needs to be put well out of your new pup’s reach, whether you have a small dog or a large dog.

It’s important to put cleaning products, lawn chemicals, pest control products, human medicines, toys with small parts, and poisonous plants up where your new pup can’t get to them. The last thing you want is your new family member to be in danger from something you left lying around your home. Make sure that you install baby gates to keep your furry friend out of areas you don’t want him to venture into and areas that could be a danger to him as well.

Pup-Ready Basics


As excited as you are to bring your new puppy home, that doesn’t mean that you have to go out and break your budget by splurging on all the latest trending dog products. There are, however, a few basics that you’re going to need, starting with a dog leash, strap, and durable dog harness. You want the best dog harness you can find on the market today. A durable dog harness is the one thing that you do want to splurge on to get the right fit for your dog’s chest and neck.

You don’t want a harness that will slip over your small dog’s head with the slightest tug. You want a durable harness that fits securely but doesn’t fit so tight that it is uncomfortable for your large dog to wear. Puppies need to be trained, so taking your pet outside requires a durable, comfortable dog harness, leash, and strap so that he doesn’t get lost or hurt during your morning and evening walks together.

Other basics you need include a crate for crate training and a bed where your pup can sleep and go to get some alone time when he feels the need.

A Vet


While you’re looking for the essentials for your pup, such as a harness, leash, and strap with extra comfort included, don’t forget to shop around for a reliable, reputable vet as well. As a dog owner, you already know what the harness, strap, leash, and a good fit for the harness can do for your active dog when it comes to darting into traffic and chasing a squirrel up a tree, but do you have a vet for if your puppy gets sick or your large dog slips his leash and ends up getting hurt? Make sure to find a reputable vet to take care of your new family member before you bring him home.

It’s also a good idea to have a durable seat belt installed for your new puppy or large dog to keep them safe on those trips to the vet when they aren’t on their harness and leash for extra protection.

From fitting your large dog for a harness and leash to pet-proofing your home before you bring your small dog onto the premises, these tips will help you make your home welcoming to your new furry family member in no time at all.

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