How Can a Birth Injury Case Affect Your Finances?

Aside from the emotional stress of learning that their child suffered a preventable
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Aside from the emotional stress of learning that their child suffered a preventable injury during pregnancy or childbirth, recent research suggests that nearly half the parents of children born with special needs will likely suffer financial hardships due to a lifetime of medical costs. Fortunately, even in such a difficult situation, there are modern options that can keep those families from accumulated debt, or even bankruptcy.

With a little research and the right legal counsel, financial compensation is available to help families cope with the medical costs of caring for a special needs child. Aside from various insurance company option, the Social Security Administration also offers benefits for qualifying families, providing many other options for parents to consider. But where to start?

What are the financial needs caused by a birth injury?


Even if the birth injury is a form that can heal over time, the developmental setbacks that the child may suffer can lead to lasting impacts, both in the child’s learning process and, financially, to the parents’ stability. Today, some of the most recognized birth injuries include Brachial plexus injuries, Cerebral palsy, and Paralysis and although these have all become somewhat manageable due to innovations in healthcare technology, ongoing treatment and surgeries can be expensive.

One of the most intimidating tasks to be addressed by the parents of a special needs child is determining the long-term budget that their child will require for the very best possible care. No two children with special needs are completely alike, and so their needs can undoubtedly vary. However, families affected by the financial requirements of caring for their special needs child must expect a few given factors:

  • Frequent doctor visits, usually a specialist
  • Medication
  • Rehabilitation and/or frequent physical therapy
  • Specialized medical equipment

Additionally, families can expect expenses for home modifications for the needs of the child, and the very real possibility that around-the-clock healthcare practitioners may also be required.

Looking Ahead


For families coping with the requirements of a child of a birth injury, there are the immediate emotional and financial repercussions, as well as the long-term effects and adjustments that need to be considered. In the case of a child born with long-lasting or permanent special needs, modified care will be required throughout their youth and young adulthood. Many of the above-listed costs could continue for decades, including a future requirement of assisted-living. If a birth injury is severe, the child’s long-term education and potential employment can be directly hindered, and their parents must plan accordingly at the earliest possible opportunity.

Fortunately, there are options for those families that are facing such potentially exorbitant costs. While a downscaled quality of life is immediately assumed, parents of a child with birth injuries can also look for specialized insurance options, learn the ins-and-outs of reverse mortgages for future financial gains, and seek knowledgeable, experienced legal counsel in obtaining legal compensation from those healthcare figures who may have been at fault. According to the Schwaner Injury Law firm, founded by a birth injury lawyer in Chicago, this latter option may be the best solution for parents seeking long-term financial assistance.

Consider long-term care.

The Schwaner Law Firm recommends that parents of special needs children research every possible legal option in obtaining the financial assistance to which they are entitled. Parents can also explore federal funding for certain cases through Social Security. In the instance that the birth injury was caused by the negligence of a healthcare provider, then those families affected have it within their legal right to seek the necessary funds to give their children the very best care available.

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