How to Celebrate the Perfect Solo Birthday

If you’re used to parties with friends, dinners with family, or hitting the
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If you’re used to parties with friends, dinners with family, or hitting the town to celebrate your birthday each year, a birthday spent alone might seem like a drastic change—and not one for the better. But celebrating your special day solo doesn’t need to stop you from having a happy birthday or an exciting birthday celebration. You can have a wonderful birthday experience all on your own, with or without a little help from your friends.

Whether you stay home, head to your favorite restaurant, or travel abroad to celebrate, a solo birthday gives you plenty of freedom to do whatever it is you want to. If that’s unwinding with a bubble bath, a good book, and your favorite CBD essential oil, so be it. If that’s tucking into an entire cake, there’s no better time to go for it than your birthday. Take some time to light a candle, indulge in self-care and some special treats, and remind yourself how exciting it is that you’ve made it through the last year.

Take time to pamper yourself.


Your birthday is celebrating the anniversary of your birth, so what better way to mark the occasion than to spoil yourself? Find an extra dose of luxury to enhance the day, whatever that means to you. Diffuse some pleasant rose, relaxing lavender, soothing turmeric, aromatic ginger, or another essential oil to help you unwind and truly indulge in a day of self-care. For an even better result, consider including your product of choice from The Root of It All in your big day of relaxation. Their tinctures and topicals bring together CBD and Ayurveda oils for an impact that can’t be topped. And, with popular essential oils like valerian root, black pepper, clove, and basil, you’ll find remedies to tackle everyday conditions and promote general wellness. Whether your idea of luxury is easing your sore muscles, resting in the bath, or getting the first night of restful sleep you’ve had in ages, there’s a tincture or other product ready to help.

Enjoy some special treats.


One great way to celebrate your birthday also happens to be one of the most budget-friendly. Retail stores and restaurants across the United States give away free food, drinks, and other merchandise to customers who’ve signed up for their email list or joined a rewards club. In many cases, these offers are available for the week or month of your birthday, so you can pick up some free treats not just on the day itself, but in the days leading up to and following it, too. If your favorite restaurant doesn’t offer an official birthday goodie, you might just need to mention that it’s your special day. They just might surprise you with a round of “Happy Birthday” and a complimentary dessert, especially if they’re a small, customer service-centric business or if you’re a regular there.

Gift yourself something special.

Your solo birthday party wouldn’t be complete without gifts. Treat yourself to one of the books from your Amazon wishlist or splurge on that CBD oil you’ve had waiting in your cart for months. Your birthday makes for the perfect time to indulge in a purchase you wouldn’t normally make. But, if your budget’s a bit too tight to rationalize an extravagant purchase, becoming a smart shopper ahead of time can help. If you can distract yourself from the sense of urgency or urge for instant gratification, consider buying products when they’re on sale throughout the year and keeping them on hand for just this occasion. If you’re determined to maintain a bit of surprise, wrap your “gifts” as you buy them—by the time your birthday comes around, you’ll forget what it is you bought and surprise yourself with something special.

Do some of your favorite things.


It’s worth repeating: your birthday is about you. You might not be recreating last year’s birthday party surrounded by loved ones, but you can still fill the day with special events. Take some time to write out some of your favorite pastimes and other bits of joy, small and large. Love to read but never have time to pick up a book? Pick up a new read. Does nothing bring a smile to your face faster than a bouquet of flowers? Order some for yourself. Is meditation your go-to method for mental clarity? Block out the time to breathe. Daydreaming of your favorite trail with no time for a hike? Lace-up your boots and get going. Pack your entire day with as many of these favorite things as possible. Raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens—whatever it is that brings a spark of happiness to your life, include it in your solo birthday celebration. Create a long list of different things to choose from or schedule a few top picks throughout the day.

Cross something off your bucket list.

Maybe your everyday conditions provide plenty of free time for your hobbies. That’s great—but it won’t feel as special if the main thing you’ve planned for your solo birthday is something you spend a lot of time doing normally. In that case, you might want to find a more special event for the occasion. Few options are as special as those you include on your bucket list. After all, you wouldn’t have included them otherwise. From skydiving or adopting a pet to language learning or taking the trip of a lifetime, why not complete one of these “someday” items now? Your birthday is already a big day but adding a bucket list item to the agenda will make it even more special.

Connect on the web.


Spending your birthday without a lot of people with you in-person doesn’t mean you’re celebrating your birthday alone completely. If you use social media, you likely have plenty of birthday wishes awaiting you online. And, if not, a screenshot of your Twitter birthday balloons should bring a few! If you really want to see friends on your special day, plan for a Zoom session or other video call to connect from afar. If you’re happy to spend the day alone but would like a quick reminder of how special you are, scrolling through some enthusiastic “happy birthday” messages can make a difference.

Reflect and daydream about the year ahead.

You’ve made it through the past year, which means you’ve got another ahead of you. On your birthday, take some time to think back on the past twelve months and everything you were dealt along the way. Imagine the best-case scenario of what your life will look like next year, and think through what steps you would have to take for that to happen. Think of it as a twist on New Year’s resolutions—why wait for January when you can bring that optimism to your birthday? Visualize your next birthday party, surrounded by a lot of people that love you. Picture yourself accomplishing your greatest, most impossible goals, and the milestones you’ll achieve while you get there. You’ve seen how much can change in just one year, so use it to your advantage.

If you’re wondering how to celebrate your birthday by yourself this year, the answer is simple: celebrate however you want to, with whatever you most want to use for your special day. Whether that’s applying a CBD topical ointment to give your muscles a break, opening the special gift you set aside or enjoying a simple, delicious, cupcake, whatever way you want to celebrate your birthday will truly be the best way. You might even realize that, despite your inhibitions, you actually prefer celebrating your birthday alone. Happy birthday to you!

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