How to Run a Successful Barber Shop

Choosing the right barbershop can be a big commitment. It’s about much more
a man getting his hair done

Choosing the right barbershop can be a big commitment. It’s about much more than just getting a haircut. Barbers socialize with clients and afford them a chance to sit back and relax for a little while. When someone chooses a barbershop, they’re selecting a place where they can be comfortable and a place that they can trust. A barber’s personality can play just as big a role in their success as their haircutting skills. Their ability to make their clients feel comfortable and welcome will be key factors for success. The level of comfort, service, and innovation offered by your shop will be the things that keep customers coming back. If you’re looking to open a barbershop, these tips will help you run a successful barbershop.

Make the cuts exquisite.


For your barbershop to be successful, the most important thing that you must do is provide awesome haircuts. While this may sound like the most obvious primary measure of success, some shops overlook this step and don’t hone their craft as they should. A bad cut or bad barbershop shave will result in unhappy customers who will be hesitant to return. The focus for any barber establishment has to be providing great haircuts, and all barbers must be well trained regarding a variety of haircut styles. Being known for good haircuts that customers enjoy will create a lasting legacy for your shop.

Create an inviting environment.

Conversation is an important part of creating a comfortable environment for your clients. To create an inviting environment, you should greet all clients as soon as they walk into the shop. If there is a wait, you should try to talk to them. In order for clients to view your shop as a fun place and somewhere that they want to be, you should keep your clients engaged. Most barbers have a decent sense of humor and are not afraid to crack a joke. If they feel like they are among friends, customers will view your shop as a place to hang out instead of dreading having to go in for a haircut.

Make your shop comfortable.


Comfortable customers turn into repeat customers. Make sure your shop has plenty of light. You could even prop the door open if the weather permits to create an open feeling. In the summer, be sure to keep the air conditioner in good working order. It will also be imperative that you use disinfectants and cleaners so that the barbershop smells and feels clean. These simple steps will provide a comfortable environment for your clients.

Besides a comfortable environment, it’s also important to pay attention to the physical environment. The barber chairs are the centerpieces of your business. The barber chair is where your customers will spend the majority of their time and where you will be working. Comfortable, professional barber chairs that are easy to use will be a beneficial investment that will make for a comfortable visit for your clients. There are plenty of good-looking barber chairs on the market, but if you really want a professional barber chair, check out Keller International. They have hydraulic barber chairs with fine workmanship and a soft leather surface — the kind of salon chair that screams high quality and allows your customers to luxuriate. These barber chairs are the perfect addition to your barbershop, and they come at an affordable price.

Offer consistent service.


As a barber, you are probably immensely creative and super talented. You’re going to need to go beyond that, however, to ensure the success of the shop. You’re, no doubt, an artist. At the end of the day, talent will only get you so far. Your customer’s experience will be the linchpin of your success. The easiest way that you can place your barbershop above your competition is to be a showpiece for customer service. Your customer experience needs to come before everything. Customers are smart. They can recognize when an experience is elevated, and they’re naturally drawn to a shop where their interests come first. Make sure you open every day at the same time. Make sure the quality of the services you offer is consistent. You can also look for ways to go above and beyond by offering things like bottled water or heated towels after a shave. Doing these few things will ensure you offer consistent service that leaves an impression on your customers.

Use innovative practices.

Innovation is key to your business. In order to make your shop relevant, you should improve or replace business processes to increase efficiency, productivity, and profitability. This will enable your shop to extend the range or quality of the products and services you offer. To aid with this, you should look at some OKR examples to see if this type of service is right for your shop. Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) are a goal-setting structure that helps businesses define goals and objectives and then track the outcome. Embraced by tech companies, OKR systems and OKR methodology can help businesses stay on track while encouraging innovation. OKR software is available through companies like WorkBoard, whose systems help the business define a clear direction and meet ambitious goals by having the team understand the best objectives. You can use a specific metric to gauge your team’s progress towards your set of key results. Use OKR to increase sales and hone your strategic plans.

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