The Benefits of an AED Certification Online

It’s not uncommon for individuals to earn an AED or CPR certificate after
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It’s not uncommon for individuals to earn an AED or CPR certificate after attending some basic first aid training. In some careers, this may even be a work requirement! Whatever your reasons for seeking out a CPR, first aid, or AED course, getting your AED certification online might be the best option for you. An online course offers plenty of benefits that can’t be discounted in the modern age, and yet, you’ll still have all the benefits of your AED certificate.

You can work at your own pace.


You can expect to spend about one to two hours moving through the modules of this online course and officially becoming certified. But what about those people who struggle to focus for a full two hours? Or, what happens if there’s an emergency in the midst of your training session? Factors like these don’t impact your CPR or AED skill proficiency and shouldn’t keep you from your first aid CPR certification. An online course allows you to work at your own pace and access the course material over multiple sessions if needed. This makes your AED certificate that much more accessible!

You’ll have credentials almost instantly.


After you’ve passed your online CPR course, you can print your wallet card immediately, designating that you‘ve completed the requirements of this CPR/AED course and are certified according to the American Heart Association’s guidelines. Whether you’re receiving your certification for the first time or renewing your certificate while refreshing yourself on the basics of CPR and AED training, this instantaneous result is an undeniable asset. This is especially helpful for those looking to complete CPR training as part of a work requirement—just be sure to check with your employer to ensure that they’re part of the 98 percent of institutions that accept this digital certificate.

You’ll learn more than resuscitation.


Depending on the course or courses you choose to complete, your training course may introduce you to more than just AED or CPR basics. For instance, you might learn other critical first aid skills, like how to respond to an unconscious individual, save someone who is choking, and recognize an emergency situation quickly and react efficiently. You never know when tragedy may strike, or when you might find yourself a witness to a disaster. In an emergency situation, this kind of first aid knowledge is an asset, especially when paired with the basics of CPR and AED training.

You can save lives.


Perhaps most importantly, gaining your AED certification in-person or online will give you a genuine superpower: the ability to save lives. After learning these skills, you’ll be prepared to help in a crisis, performing CPR, the Heimlich maneuver, or other first-aid skills to save someone who’s in an emergency situation. Even if you only use these skills once, you’ll have made a bigger impact than the average person—and you’ll be prepared to do just that whenever that crucial moment arrives. Even if you don’t face an incident that requires you to use your skills, the certification exam will give you the confidence to know you can use them.

Some professions may require employees to gain a CPR/AED certification to continue working with a company while other individuals may simply want to learn how to save someone in a life-threatening situation. In any case, an online class may be the best way for you to undergo this medical training. Not only will you get to learn from the comfort of your own home, but you’ll also do so at your own pace while learning how to save lives and help those who may be injured in an emergency.

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