What Can I Find at Trend.io?

If you’re a modern brand, you know the value of each word, image,
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If you’re a modern brand, you know the value of each word, image, and piece of content you create. From blogs to social media, customers expect brands to keep up with new trends, create quality content, and offer value at every step of the way. Of course, though, that involves an awful lot for the average brand to keep up with.

The best brands, though, have a trick up their sleeve thanks to trend.io. As the top destination for content creators and the brands that utilize their talents, Trend has a lot to offer online brands and creators, from content itself to solutions to keep that content coming.

Trend’s Curated Creator Network


Content creators, or influencers, are a crucial component of modern marketing. Even the best-prepared brands can struggle to find talented creators, though, especially as industry trends ebb and flow. Trend’s curated creator network is prepared to bridge that gap by giving brands a platform to reach out to these creators directly.

This process begins when a brand publishes a listing for its intended project. From there, Trend’s collection of vetted creators has the chance to apply, expressing a genuine interest in the brand and product in question. There’s no need to struggle to build a new partnership, fearing the worst when a potential new partner falls through. Instead, Trend invites only the best hand-selected influencers to join the network, ensuring that only the most talented creators are viewing your opportunity in the first place and, by extension, only the best of the best are considered for collaboration.

From here, Trend makes it easy to download the content at hand and watch your newfound results multiply. A quick look at your analytics and other metrics will inevitably show massive growth—Trend ensures you’ll benefit from your newfound content creators.

Trend Creator-Generated Content


Sometimes, even the most talented marketing team is at a loss as to how to generate content for every potential channel. Fortunately, Trend makes this step an easy one, too. With curated campaign opportunities, a brand will have the chance to get just the quality and amount of content from the creators that meet its needs.

Trend allows brands to showcase creator-generated and user-generated content, by extension. For instance, say you make a listing for a certain number of custom photos to be posted to creators’ Instagram accounts. When their devoted followers see those images, they’ll be motivated to try your product or service themselves—and potentially create their own content in return. As a result, you’ll get not only the content you’ve commissioned from Trend’s talented creators but that which snowballs from it as well.

Trend’s Creator Management Suite


No matter your experience in creator-centered marketing, you’ll be thrilled by Trend‘s creator management suite, which offers all the tools you could need to keep track of the creators you’re partnering with and manage the content they create. Through the creator management suite, brands can create their initial campaign brief, with all the requirements you‘re looking for. From there, you can use the same system to manage your relationships with the creators behind that content.

With your content creators in line, you can use the Trend platform to track product shipments, ensuring your marketing materials make it to the influencers you’re working with and they can craft the commissioned content. In the same place, you can approve the posts they produce, download creator-generated content, and even study the analytics behind the project you’ve partnered on.

In short, Trend can build your partnerships with talented creators from start to finish, ensuring your brand stays on top of the latest content trends and reaches your target market, no matter where they may be in the world.

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