What Is LoJack and Does It Lower Car Insurance Rates?

Car insurance is expensive. Anyone who has ever fought with an insurance company
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Car insurance is expensive. Anyone who has ever fought with an insurance company after a car accident can tell you that car insurance is expensive, and your rates will be raised after your car accident as well. Even if you’ve been injured during a car accident and have an attorney handling your personal injury case, the insurance company can, and often will, raise your rates.


That’s why after a car accident in Chicago, while your personal injury attorney in Chicago law firm is working on your personal injury case, you’re often left looking for a cheaper alternative and discounts on your insurance premiums. A Chicago law firm that handles personal injuries such as car accidents, negligence, and medical malpractice is invaluable for an injury victim, so if you have a personal injury case, reach out today.


While you’re waiting for your appointment with your attorney, read on below to see what LoJack is and if it can help you lower those insurance rates that may have been raised as a result of the car accident.

What is LoJack?



LoJack is a stolen vehicle recovery system that is supposed to help the police and insurance company track your car if it has been stolen from you. It’s important to note that a LoJack system isn’t exactly a deterrent to car thieves. Instead, it’s supposed to help find your car once it’s already been taken. An attorney and your insurance company can tell you more about LoJack than anyone else. Since there are so many stolen vehicle recovery systems on the market today, it’s best to do your research carefully into each one and then choose what works best for you after knowing all of the information out there.

How much does LoJack cost?



The LoJack price runs around $600 for the standard version and installation. If you opt for the advanced LoJack that comes with a series of early warning features, the price goes up to almost $1,000. That’s a steep price for someone who was just injured by a car accident and is waiting on their personal injury attorney to look into their personal injury claim. Nonetheless, LoJack has its own set of benefits as well.

Does LoJack lower your insurance rates?



As for the question does lojack lower car insurance rates or not, the answer is that the savings vary according to where you live. For example, Texas could offer lower rates on insurance for having a LoJack system, while Florida insurance companies may offer no discounts on insurance rates at all.


So, while you may be able to save on your insurance premiums by having a LoJack installed in your vehicle, it’s according to which state you call home as to how much or if you can. The best way to determine if you can save is by contacting your local insurance company and asking them.

What are the benefits of a LoJack system?



There are many benefits to vehicle tracking systems such as LoJack, starting with the fact that it makes it easier to track down and recover your stolen car. Getting your car back means that you won’t have to report it to the insurer and file an insurance claim, which is a big hassle, with tons of red tape involved. Not to mention the fact that filing an insurance claim will raise your insurance rates yet again.


These are just a few things that you might want to know about the LoJack, the price, benefits, whether it’s worth it or not, and whether it lowers your insurance by any degree. While you’re waiting on your personal injury lawyer to help settle your case, it’s certainly something worth looking into.

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