Why Contact Center Software Needs to Benefit Employees as Much as Customers

Call centers are facing unique new challenges in the deployment of agent resources
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Call centers are facing unique new challenges in the deployment of agent resources and adherence to best practices that make for great customer experiences. Contact center agents need to be given the tools to succeed, and it’s becoming clear that these call center solutions that provide the best results are found in cloud-based software packages that replace the old infrastructure that has dominated the contact center set up for many years. New call center software doesn’t just provide excellent customer experience, though. It also helps customer service employees do their jobs well and feel supported by their employers.

Why change to a cloud based software package?

Moving away from the aging infrastructure that has dominated call centers for years is the inevitable next step in providing high-quality customer experiences while on the phone with customer service representatives. In order to improve the overall efficiency of your support team, it’s important to empower them with the best quality tools you can find. A highly motivated and efficient calling team makes for great customer support as the calling floor feels valued and supported by team leaders and quality control managers. The United States is seeing a resurgence of call center clusters in Texas, Arizona, and Florida, among others, with the underlying trend resulting from a renewed need to provide the best possible service to those dialing in for help or looking to purchase services or products.

These new contact center software solutions that move the scripts and calling functions to the cloud have the benefit of being portable. Call center agents can take their work home with them in the event of additional lockdown measures. They also have a flexible workspace in which to retrieve script prompts and notes associated with specific customer concerns or complaints. The ability to access everything in one place means that agents are empowered to approach any issues a client might have on their own terms, instead of being blindsided by a customer’s previously unanswered complaint. This gives the customer experience a whole new shine by helping customer service agents ensure customer satisfaction seamlessly, but it also improves the satisfaction that your team sees in their daily work.

Improve calling efficiency with insightful data.

We all know that fielding calls from angry customers or participating in cold calls on the sales team can be brutal work. Clients can fly off the handle at a moment’s notice if you aren’t given the tools to succeed before ever placing the call. Utilizing the insights available through enterprise Elasticsearch software to augment the data in call recordings can also make a massive difference in the happiness and, by extension, the efficiency, and skill of your calling agents. Elasticsearch is an application that indexes unstructured data and efficiently tags pieces of information for easy recall. This means that your agents will have the power to make lightning-fast queries regarding the issues and people they are discussing, in real-time. Data solutions like this make problem-solving over the phone far more effective and improve the happiness of both people connected through the phone lines.

Utilizing software solutions that benefit your callers, you also improve the quality of their work, ensuring customer satisfaction as well. A commitment to your employees can also improve your turnover, meaning your center keeps its best customer service representatives for longer. This has the twofold effect of reducing your need to train new staff members and ensuring a high quality in a greater portion of calls overall as veteran customer service teams continue to do what they do best with a smile: talk.

Improving the work-life of your customer service teams has incredible effects that make improve customer experience, making them happier with the service received and more likely to engage in whatever suggestions your team is making to them over the phone. In a sales center making outbound calls, clients buy more. In a pure customer support role, people with unresolved troubles leave happier and more likely to return to your company for their future needs.

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