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Insurance is a necessary part of life in the United States. Everyone needs
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Insurance is a necessary part of life in the United States. Everyone needs it to protect their income against unforeseen expenses, keep a roof over their heads, and ensure the wellbeing of their families in case of extreme injuries or unexpected death.

While it’s generally unpleasant to think about your vulnerabilities, it’s important to understand why the various types of insurance of so important. Everyone needs health insurance to keep medical bills under control, renters may need renter’s insurance to protect their property, homeowners need homeowner’s insurance to keep their homes in good shape, and anyone who owns a car needs minimal auto insurance coverage in case of accidents.

Without insurance, expenses you incur due to accidents, health issues, or even regular wear and tear in the home can quickly become overwhelming. Fortunately, for residents in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine, there’s a single great option for the majority of your insurance needs. Safety Insurance, founded in 1979, believes in offering the fullest range of insurance products while staying committed to providing the best customer service.

The insurance company primarily provides property insurance services, as well as a full range of casualty insurance services (plans that protect against loss of property, income, damages, and other liabilities). Today, Safety Insurance is one of the leading insurance providers in their coverage areas with great reviews. Here are some of the most important services they can offer you.

Auto Insurance


Anyone who owns a car will need at least the mandatory minimum coverage required by state law. Nearly all states require a minimum liability coverage plan to cover bodily injury in case of an accident, and many states require some level of property damage coverage as well. With Safety Insurance, you can sign up for enhanced coverage plans that provide emergency road and towing expenses, coverage of personal effects in the vehicle, extended vehicle rentals for a temporary replacement, and more.

Great car insurance is especially important for travelers planning to go on road trips throughout the U.S. in the wane of COVID-19. Whether you’re driving cross-country to Los Angeles, planning to visit Memphis, or are opting for a one-of-a-kind Mississippi trip to see the attractions in the birthplace of the Blues, you’ll want peace of mind knowing that you’re covered, especially considering some of the highway safety stats in some states. The last thing you need is to get stranded during your trip across the Mississippi Delta due to an accident and have no available pickup.

The Safety Insurance company also offers commercial auto insurance to provide businesses with protection for bodily injury or property damage involving a commercial vehicle. No matter your needs, there’s a plan for you.

Business Owner Insurance


Speaking of businesses, Safety Insurance also provides commercial insurance services for small and medium-sized businesses. Insurance plans cover apartments and other rental complexes, restaurants, offices, wholesale businesses, merchant stores, and even special trade contractors.

At a minimum, businesses need to have a general liability plan. This will cover your business for any bodily injuries to employees or customers that occur on-site, as well as property loss or damages caused by business operations. You may also opt for a plan that covers injury due to business processes at other locations, such as a defective product or packaging causing injury to a customer at home.

Safety offers comprehensive coverage that combines general liability with property insurance, which includes coverage for equipment breakdown as well as damages to the premises. Some plans will even cover income perils caused by covered losses.

Homeowners and Fire Insurance


Your home isn’t just the place you live; it’s also one of your greatest financial assets, and it needs to be protected. With the Safety Insurance company, your dwelling and other structures on the property will be protected from perils such as fires, extreme winds, lightning, hail, and frozen pipes. Instances of vandalism and theft are also covered, as are any floods caused by the home’s plumbing network or HVAC system. You can even purchase fire insurance for residential buildings that you own but don’t currently have occupants.

Insurance policies can quickly get complex, but with Safety Insurance, you can trust that you’re working with a provider that does a great job at offering the best service and looking out for your best interests.

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