Your 2021 Guide to HRIS and HR Software

HR departments in the United States are asked to do more now than
a table with many laptops and a keyboard

HR departments in the United States are asked to do more now than ever. Some of the tasks for which they’re responsible include managing payroll, managing disputes between employees and managers, and making sure everyone has what they need to do their job and feel comfortable while on the clock.

If you notice problems such as payroll mistakes, recruiting failures, poor employee records, and low company morale, those are signs that your human resources department could use a boost. Having the right software infrastructure to support your HR needs is essential to providing the best service possible to your employees and even customers. It can be difficult to know what to look for in HRIS or HR software, but doing so is necessary to get the most out of your department and create a workplace culture in your employees can trust. Continue reading to get some simple HR tips that will help elevate your entire organization.

Automation makes life and work easier.


One of the main problems facing HR teams across the United States is the fact that they’re stretched too thin. The more you can take off their plate, the more they can focus on other things that are essential to the company’s daily operations.

Choosing the right HRIS or HR software for your human resources department will do much to alleviate any stress from being overworked. The first thing you should look for in HR software or web applications is robust automation capabilities.

With artificial intelligence and automation, you can do many of the tasks your HR team used to spend hours on without their involvement. The Second Industrial Revolution gave us electric-powered machines that are capable of doing many of the tasks that laborers once did with their hands and hand tools.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, appropriately nicknamed Industry 4.0, is bringing machines that can process information the way people do with their minds and make adjustments. Some programs with machine learning capabilities can even make decisions based on real-time data.

Different HRIS platforms offer different levels of automation, so it’s imperative that you shop around to find the best program for your HR department’s needs. This guide will tell you a little more about what capabilities you should look for in an automated HR web application.

A centralized system that transcends data silos makes it easier to streamline processes.


Some of the essential tasks that HR specialists perform are tedious, time-consuming, and sometimes borderline simple. However, their importance to the company’s operations necessitates that time and resources be dedicated to completing them.

A robust HRIS program will allow you to streamline many of those processes and eliminate much of the time these processes consume. Of course, there are countless programs to help HR specialists handle employee hires and fires, sensitive information, and payroll, but when the information is in data silos spread across several programs, it makes these tasks more complicated than they should be.

An HRIS platform that’s integrative and can handle pull requests to bring data from other platforms to your dashboard makes data entry and storage much quicker and easier. Being able to access data from multiple sources and manipulate it from a centralized dashboard will make your HR department exponentially more productive and efficient.

HRIS platforms allow employees to manage certain functions on their own.


One of the best things about adding a robust HRIS platform to your HR software infrastructure is that many of them have portals by which employees can access their information and even manage their own time on and off the clock. Dealing with vacations, sick leaves, and monitoring payroll for accuracy is a lot for one person managing an entire organization, but for one person managing their own, it’s simple. Furthermore, that’s one less menial task your HR reps have to dedicate time, resources, and energy to.

It’s critical that you do your own research to find the HRIS platform that’s right for your company. With the right tools, you’ll see that your HR department can do some incredible things.

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