10 Construction Website Design Tips

When running a construction business, your website will be a critical aspect of
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When running a construction business, your website will be a critical aspect of your marketing plan. However, if you have never designed a website before, you may feel completely lost on where to start and what makes a great construction website. Here are ten tips to help you get started.

1. Skip the free template.


While most website servers offer a variety of free templates to use for your construction website, work with a web designer to create a site that is unique to your company. A unique design will make your company stand out as more professional, and since the design may be an important part of your services, it will act as an additional testament to your skill and insight.

2. Make it user-friendly.


The easier it is for your potential customers to navigate, the more likely they will stay on your website and request further information from your construction company. When the website is easy to use, visitors will also stay on it longer, and it will be a testament to your professionalism.

3. Optimize for mobile.


Most people search websites via their mobile devices, opposed to their desktop or laptop computer. Therefore, optimizing your website for mobile devices is critical to the success of your construction website. In today’s world, not optimizing your website for mobile devices makes your website irrelevant.

4. Use stunning photos.


Photos of previous jobs will display your work while also enhancing your website. You can include photos with customer testimonials and use them as part of the overall web design to create a unique aesthetic. It will make your website stunning to look at while promoting your skills and experience.

5. Bring your website to life.


Don’t stop at photos. Integrate videos, animations, advanced web features to wow your website visitors. For example, many companies have started using virtual tours and 3D photo functions to allow visitors to feel like they are in the space, which can increase conversations.

6. Keep it simple.


When someone is looking for a construction company for their project, they will be looking for construction services, testimonials, years of experience, free consultation, and authority. Those are the things you need to focus on when designing your website.

7. Remember the need for speed.


The average consumer will wait less than four seconds for a webpage to load before returning to their search results. Therefore, if your website takes several seconds to load or navigating from one page to another takes too much time, you will lose visitors before they get a chance to really evaluate you as a company.

8. Focus on your customers.


When it comes to construction website design, you have to focus on your customers. That means tailoring the design and content to your customers’ needs, whether they are homeowners, business owners, or other contractors. As a business owner, you need to understand who your customer is and the best ways to connect with them.

9. Collect conversions.


It is vitally important to remember that the goal of your website is to increase sales. With that in mind, collecting the contact information for site visitors is crucial to your overall marketing plan. You want to collect email addresses as soon as possible and keep visitors on your website as long as possible. When it comes to digital marketing, the money is in your email list, and that needs to be a focal point of your website.

10. Don’t be afraid of change.


You will not consistently get a high search engine ranking if your website remains static. While maintaining your brand and image is critical, you must also change things up from time to time, so visitors to your website are intrigued even after multiple visits. If you find a page is not getting much traffic, don’t be afraid to change the layout, design, or content.

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